Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love it & Shove it

I thought I'd bring back Love It and Shove It. 

Love It
* I love that I got to spend four days at home in a room last week.  One of those days, I was by myself the entire time and it was glorious!  Productivity and napping was at a record high for the year so far!

* The pool.  I'm so glad it is warm enough to enjoy the pool.

* Planning Emmy's third birthday party.  I'm so excited about it and so is she!  

Shove It
* being sun burnt and pregnant does not allow for quality sleep

* Ant bites.  Emmy is pretty allergic to ant bites.  Her entire affected extremity swells us really big for a few days whenever she gets one.  So far, it is only ant bites that we have noticed do this to her, but we have a lot of hydrocortisone cream and benedryl around our house these days!

* Laundry.  It never ends.  And the little one inside me is going to add so much more.

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