Saturday, July 30, 2011

Myrtle Beach 2011

 Our beach trip is coming to an end.  Emmalyn was surprisingly quite the fan of the beach and my parents had the best time playing with her all week.

We spent our days by the water relaxing, our nights eating great food (I probably gained 10lbs this week ... EEK!) and having some laughs as a family.

I love sandy toes!

Please excuse the grossness that is the person holding my daughter! HE HE!

Emmy used her cuteness to get Uncle Justin to do things like this:

And when she was done being pampered in the pool we snacked some more in a lounge chair.

One night we went to dinner and sat a table that overlooked this:

And grabbed a few photos of the fame while we waited.

We had a great time but are very ready to get back home see our favorite people again.  However, this momma is not looking forward to unpacking!

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