Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some rambling

Well, I was sick all day yesterday and my darling daughter woke up so happy and in a very adventurous mood today (aka the sleep fairies gave her baby crack!).  This combination was not good.  I think she sensed that I wasn't feeling well because she was very loving and even hugged me for a good minute at one point.

We also talked to Daddy yesterday.  I love how happy she is when she hears the skype sound on my computer.  And seeing his proud Daddy smile just tops it all off.  I keep saying I'm going to video tape a skype conversation one day, but it is also the only time I get to see him too.

On another note, Emmy and I are going to the beach for a week with my parents and brother in two days.

I haven't started packing at all.  But I am excited about having people there to entertain her while I play around with my camera and hopefully get some good lasting shots of her first time really being able to interact on the beach.  Last time we went she was two months old and I kept her in the car seat the whole time with the cover up so she was completely shaded.

I'm excited mostly because Emmy is at such a good age for the beach.  At least that's what I think right now, it might change after we get there.  But really, she understands a lot and is getting better and better at letting me know what she needs/wants and at this age babies are so curious.  Everything is new and it is exciting to see them realize something for the first time.

It will also be nice to have a change a scenery for a while and maybe be able to stand the outdoors for more than five minutes at a time since there will be a sea breeze (yes, I'm a weeny when it comes to high temperatures).

Now, I just need to get packing and gather all of the sunscreen bottles in our house to cover my ghostly white skin.

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