Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lonestar State

Well we are back from our trip to Texas.  We had so much fun!   On our first day we visited The Alamo in San Antonio.  It was beautiful, but not exactly what I expected.  

This is what Emmy thought of the place...

Inside the Alamo

Afterwards we walked along the Riverwalk for hours just taking in the beautiful city.  Then we ate a delicious dinner at The Iron Cactus.  On the way back to our car we ran into this lady, and Emmy had to pet her!

After a great night's sleep in our very nice hotel (it doesn't happen often, so I was pretty excited about it) we headed to the San Antonio Zoo. Caleb insisted we go and Emmy had so much fun seeing the animals with her daddy.

At the Zoo there was a kiddie park with a fresh water spring.  Caleb and Emmy walked around in it for a while which was a refreshing break from the Texas heat.  

On our way out of the zoo we caught a squirrel taunting a monkey and thought it was rather amusing. 

That night, after taking a nap at the hotel and freshening up, we went down town to a spanish festival that was being held.  We ate dinner at a mexican restaurant with a mariachi band which Emmalyn thought was the greatest!  

The scene was very spanish and their was even a live band playing well known spanish music.

The next day we visited Austin where we met up with three guys that Caleb has known for about five years from the internet.  In this mix, there is an apache pilot, a NASA scientist, a non profit abuse hotline director, and a doctor.  The conversation with these guys was great and they all loved Emmy.  

After eating lunch with the internet friends (sorry, I don't have an interesting term for them) we went to the capital building.  This is a photo of the ceiling.  

Once our tour of the capital was over, we met up with Crissy and Brandon at park.

Crissy knows a little about photography so I handed her my camera and she took some photos of us.  I'm so glad they came out well and that I have these photos forever (one reason I love taking photos for other people).

We were so happy to be together even if it was for such a short time.  

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