Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've got a Secret!!!

My Best friend is going to be a mommy!!!!!!!!
I'm over the moon for one of my best friends, Katie Beth.  She is growing a baby inside her!!!!
I was honored to be with her when she broke the news to her family and grabbed a few photos while it was happening.  The moment was priceless and I loved being a part of it.

This is KB's sister getting excited about seeing everyone's faces when she tells them.  At this point KB had only told her husband's family, two friends, and her sister.

She's so happy!

To break the good news to her family, KB gave her dad and belated father's day gift since she didn't see him the week prior.  

Showing off the pee stick.

Her dad reading "pregnant"

I LOVE how her brother, Chase, reacted.  Such a happy bro!  Mom and Dad are still a little in shock.  Her mom even thought it was a glucose monitor at first and that KB was letting them know she was diabetic.  Whew!  So glad that wasn't the case! 

OH!  She's PREGNANT!!!

His "Baby Girl" is going to have a baby!

Love this family's smiles!

Again, Chase is still excitedly clapping

WOO HOO!  Grandchild #4!

What a good mama she will be!

Katie Beth, I'm so excited to be able to be with you as you go through this journey and all the changes that are going to happen.  You deserve this so much and God has truly answered prayer!  
Praise the Lord! 

Please start/continue to pray for my best friend, her very excited husband, and the life that God is weaving inside her.  

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