Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Day of Birth

So, Saturday was my birthday.  It was a great birthday other than the fact that my husband wasn't here.  One of my best friends, Ashley, came for the weekend to celebrate with me, and my housemate and fellow army wife extraordinaire, Crissy, planned an intimate dinner with some close friends at at local restaurant.  Afterwards we hung out and caught up and had so much fun!  All the while, my in laws took care of Emmy which was such a blessing to not have to worry about someone else for a little while (and she had a blast with Ama and Bop!).

Every year on my birthday there are a few things I can always count on.  The 10:58 am call from my mom (the exact moment I was born) and the annual shrieking-pitched "Happy Birthday" sang by my best friend, KB.  I love it all!

But this year was also different.  I had a a happy, bouncy baby girl that greeted me in the morning.  Last year she was still so small and honestly I was still trying to get use to being a mom, but now, my little one has a striking personality and I'm more rested (ha!).

Despite the fact that this is the first birthday in ten years that I have spent without Caleb, it was a memorable birthday.  And I'm glad to be reunited with my sweet daughter after our night apart!

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  1. katie beth did have a pretty amazing version of happy birthday! had such a fun time with you!


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