Monday, June 20, 2011

Play Date with Miss Ellasyn

My college roommate, Liz, has a daughter that is 6 weeks older than Emmalyn.  Since moving back to SC and having a husband in the army, Liz has been great at welcoming us back and getting Emmalyn and me out of the house to hang out.  

Tonight Liz invited us over for dinner, which was so good!  The girls played and we talked and took pictures (we both love photography) and played with the girls.  

I'm so glad I caught this sweet moment of this momma and her baby.

After feeding the girls Liz let them play with some cooking bowls while we ate.

Then, the girls ventured to the living room where a Baby Einstein video was on the TV and they tried on every shoe in Ellasyn's shoe bag.  

They had a lot of fun, but by 8pm both girls were getting pretty tired so we left to go home to bed.  It was so great for Emmy to have some interaction with someone her own age, since she usually plays with Crissy, me, or the four dogs that roam our house.  

I love seeing these two play and hope they will be playing together for years!


  1. We had so much fun with you girls!! Thanks for coming! :) we'll have to plan a pool date soon!!

  2. do you ever wonder if they'll grow up to be besties? so sweet!


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