Monday, June 13, 2011

The past few weeks have gone by so fast!  This is great since we are counting down the days before we get to see Caleb.  However, it makes life crazy!  

My friend, Sarah, came to visit for a few days last week.  Her husband is also a pilot and they are trying to become parents so there are a lot of prayers going up for them and their future child(ren).  

One night, Crissy, Sarah, and I were all on our computers skyping with our husbands.  Sarah got the brilliant idea to put our computers in front of each other so the men could talk.  Crazy enough, it worked!  We all got to talk just like we did when we all lived in Alabama.

Of course we had to document how nuts we are...

Sarah and her hubby are thinking of moving to SC after his deployment so Crissy, Sarah and I decided to make a day trip to Charleston.  We strolled around the Market, took a carriage ride, ate at Bubba Gumps, toured The Battery and ate ice cream.  The trip made me so glad to be back in SC.  

I also got to practice with my camera a lot in one of the best places in SC to photograph.

After our carriage ride Emmy wanted to see the horse the pulled us.  She was so calm and gentle with him.  She loves animals.

Then we ventured to the pier and The Battery.

After The Battery, we walked around for a while in the direction of our car. It was so peaceful and the temperature had dropped some by this point, so our stroll down the streets of Charleston was very laid back.  Crissy and Sarah were very patient with my shutter happiness.  

A couple days later we had to say "good bye" to Sarah.  I can't tell you how much fun it was to have her here and how sad we were to see her go. I'm so glad we got to spend a few days together, catch up, and act like crazy army wives together!

After we said "good bye" to Sarah we drove to see my grandmother and have Emmalyn meet another one of her great-grandmothers.  Mimi was so excited to finally meet her second great-granddaughter.

It was a busy week, but it was spent with great people!


  1. thanks for visiting Your Little Birdie! I love the Charleston pictures- we loved our visit there in April.

  2. Great to see you staying so positive :) LOVE the Charleston pics!!


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