Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Emmalyn's One Year Update

So, I"m a little late with this post, but things have been busy (which is good).  

Emmalyn's 1 Year Stats

Weight - 16lbs 12oz (5th percentile)

Height - 27 3/4in (5th percentile)

Head - 17in (15th percentile)

Size of clothes - 6-9 month to 12 months

Eye color - very brown

Sleep - 10-12 hours a night 

Food - Almost anything!  She is such a good eater.  I was worried while we were at the doctor when I saw her weight, but the pediatrician thinks she just has a high metabolism (something she no doubt got from her daddy) and that I don't need to worry.  Granted, as I was worried about it and talking to the doctor she was shoveling goldfish in her mouth.  

Milestones -  She has four teeth and cutting more now.  She's crawling up a storm, cruising on the furniture, and walking like a champ (if you are holding at least one hand).  She says "mama", "dada", "dog", and "nana" means drink.  She is picking up a little sign language and has no trouble letting you know what she wants.  She's great at drinking with a straw and is pretty good at drinking out of a water bottles.  She is also actually growing some hair now.  It is very light in color (daddy was a blonde when he was little) but it is getting long, despite the extreme thinness.   

Favorite activities - Oh my, this child is BUSY!  She crawls all over the dogs and will "love" them (lays her head on them and smiles).  She will sit in my lap and let me read to her now.  
I got her a mermaid tent that we have just kept inside the house that Emmy loves.  She carries toys in there and plays by herself and loves when Ruger gets in it with her.  I also got her a kids christian CD that has songs from my bible school days on it.  Emmy loves when I turn it on loud when she is in the bath tub.  
She has gotten into the habit of pulling the mixing bowls out of the cabinets and playing with them.  
She also loves the pool (most days).  She is getting more bold in the water.
Emmy is a huge animal lover!  I'm sure having four dogs running around inside helps with that.  The other day I was carrying her because we were about to go downstairs and she started "talking" and pointing to the tv in my room.  I looked up and there was a dog on the screen.
And, her happiest time of day is when we get to skype with daddy.  All I have to do is open my computer and start skype and she will crawl to me as fast as she can giggling.  As soon as she sees him on the screen she squeals in excitement and wants to show him everything!  She especially loves to walk with her doll stroller and looks back at the computer to make sure he sees her.  Even though she won't remember this time in her life, I know that she won't be forgetting who Caleb is and it is so good for him to see how happy he makes her.  

Play date with Sydney Kate


A photo to show hair growth

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