Sunday, June 12, 2011

Emmy's First Birthday Party - Part II

After finishing the decor and icing the cupcakes we all took showers and Emmy took a nap.  Then the fun started!  

My dad was the grill master for the day and came over early to get all of the meat ready while my mom played with Emmy.  

At a ripe age of four months old, my mom introduced Emmy to sweet tea.  The child goes crazy for it!  So, we had sweet tea along with the lemonade at the party and of course Emmy knew she was going to get some from Grandma!

There was so much food and Emmy loved it!

The very helpful, Crissy!

KB!  I just love her and her awesome laugh!

3 generations

After giving everyone some time to eat, we set Emmy up in her high chair, put on her hat, and called Caleb on Skype.  

She wasn't too interested in her cake at first because she knew her daddy was on the computer and she wanted to make sure he saw her!  Such a daddy's girl!

Then, she got over it and dug in!

On the way to take a bath!

After a quick dip in the tub, we went back downstairs to open presents.  Again, we skyped with Caleb so he could join in on the fun too.

After all the presents were opened and the grown ups started talking, the kids got together and tried out the goods.  I love how Audrey Grace wanted to show everything to Emmalyn.  She is going to be such a great big sister to her new brother!

My mom and KB got Emmy the same gift.  A 1-2 step doll stroller.  Step 1 is sit and play and step 2 is pushing it.  Within an hour of putting the stroller together Emmy had started pushing it while walking behind it.  I did so well with not getting emotional all day until I saw her do this.  We were all amazed because she had been pretty wobbly until then.  I took a video of her pushing it and sent it to Caleb.  He was pretty taken aback as well.  

After the party, we took a little girls trip to the grocery store while Emmy played with my parents.  I would not have been able to pull of the party or had nearly as much fun if it weren't for these ladies.  

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  1. so sad i missed this awesome party! everything turned out so great. and i can't believe she's ONE! crazy! the sweet tea pics are my favorite - she's gonna be such a true southern lady ;)


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