Thursday, June 9, 2011

Emmy's First Birthday Party - Part I

On Thursday, Crissy and I drove up to Greenville to pick up our fellow army wife, Sarah, who came to visit for Emmy's birthday from Illinois.  The trip back was full of constant catching up and laughing!

On Friday we started getting things ready for the party.  We cooked and cooked and cooked.  We cleaned, and finished up the decorations, did some yard work and set up the backyard for the party.  It was a very busy and hot day but it was great to have so many fun people around to help me and to love on Emmalyn.

Here's KB melting the bark to put on the cake balls.  Life is always fun when KB is around!

While we were cooking, Crissy was outside finishing up some things on the new fence that she built herself!  This girl is great with power tools!

I put Sarah in charge of icing the cupcakes.  Emmalyn was very interested in the process so Sarah let her help.  Emmy sat with her for half an hour just watching her put icing on.

*I promise I did a lot more than just take pictures!

Then, we had to take a break and talk to Daddy.

Now, you'll get to see all of our hard work!  
The details!

We drank from Mason jars and put tags on each one so guests could write their names on it and they wouldn't get misplaced.  

The table decor was very simple, with only three citronella candles on each.

The set up.

I made the banner that hung behind the high chair.  It says "HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY"

The canopies helped provide shade and we had an array of chairs.

On Friday, I baked sixty cupcakes!  I purchased the toppers and wrappers from etsy.

We used extra Mason jars to house candy and plastic ware.  

I also made a banner for Emmy's high chair and tied balloons to the back to spruce it up some.

I found a tent on sale and since Emmy liked playing with her friend, Ellasyn's, tent, I thought having one at our house would get good use.  All of the kids at the party loved it!

We had the presents put in the new wagon that Caleb and I got her for her birthday - even though Crissy put it together : )

And this is just the start!  I'll post part II later.  

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  1. So, so cute Kayla! Looks like it was lots of fun!


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