Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just some snapshots from the past few days...

My sleeping beauty!

Caleb is re-staining Emmy's highchair and the weather has been great, so I put Emmy outside with Caleb so I could get some cleaning done inside.  However, the cleaning didn't get started until I got a few pictures of her loving the awesome weather.  I can't wait to show you pictures of the chair.  It is looking so great!

If you didn't know, Caleb played soccer in high school.  He was also the assistant coach all throughout college.  So, since we moved back to SC, only a few miles from our high school, we decided to catch a game.  The coach was really glad to see Caleb and asked him to come back to coach, but we all know that won't happen at least for another year!
 I actually have no idea who this kid is, but it was a good shot, so I included it.

Caleb and Emmy enjoying the game!

We actually won 3-0 but this is the only photo I got of the scoreboard because Emmy got tired so I had to distract her by walking around until the end of the game.

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  1. LOVE the picture of them at the soccer game! So cute!


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