Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Zoo

Caleb and I decided to take a family trip to the local zoo to spend some time together.  I didn't really expect much from Emmy, but she seemed to have a blast, even despite the fact that she was sick.  We stopped by Groucho's (a SC mom and pop place that is amazing!) and Emmy got a hold of my pickle and sucked it dry!

We saw everything and Emmy didn't whine once even though she was due for a nap!  Our favorite part was feeding the parrots nectar and having them land on us.  At one point I had six birds on me and Emmy even had one land on her head, but as Caleb was trying to take a picture one bird started attacking the camera!

Then, we switched and Emmy got brave!

Caleb really wanted to have Emmy ride the carousel and she really liked it!  She's growing up so fast!

I'm so glad the trip went well.  I think I've been so consumed with the upcoming deployment that I've been pretty uptight.  I really needed this day to just spend with my family and I haven't laughed so much in one day in a long time!


  1. I love the zoo and always want to go there when we visit. I was so sad to leave lexington and Groucho's but lucky for me we've got one right down the road that's closer then the one in Lexington was! =) Now I can get an STP any time I start getting homesick. hehehe


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