Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Notes from the Pregnant Gallery

So today I woke up complaining about how sick I felt and how I couldn't eat but 2 spoon fulls (is that even a word?  I think it is in the south so I'm going with it) of my oatmeal and I told my husband I couldn't eat lunch with him because I had not showered yet and looked like an old lady with a scary animal on her head.  Then I went to the grocery store and complained about the number of people and driving in the rain and all the house work I need to get done.

Then God decided to show me all I have to be thankful for.

I went to a movie with a friend.  We saw The Blind Side and I loved it!  It kind of got me thinking about being thankful for the little things.  Then I came home to my dog, the big one, Bumper, following me around.  He watched me brush my teeth, the followed me outside, jumped up and down for about 10 minutes when I got home from the movie and even sat with his paw on my leg while I peed.  Strange, but it made me happy.  I guess with Caleb being a guy he just wasn't very cuddly but for some reason Bumper needed my attention.  He is now lying beside me.
Then I caught up on some blog reading.  My best friend has a blog that she uses kind of as a diary.  What's on her mind for the day, what is God teaching her, what has annoyed her lately - and her blog is actually fun to read because she can write well.  Her posts always make me think.

All of this made me so happy.  I can go to see movies whenever I want  (meaning I have the funds to do so - not always the time), I have a great husband, even if he does leave his dirty dishes at his desk (guess I'm never going to change that one), I have best friends that I keep in touch with weekly and we help each other through whatever life is throwing at us at any particular time.  Heck, I'm going to be a mom in  7 months, something I've dreamed about since I was as young as my nieces toting their baby dolls and caring for them just like their own mothers.  There is no reason for me to have a pity party so allow any sorrow to ruin all the other things that are so wonderful.  Today I let my looks and dirty dishes get in the way of having conversation and even maybe a lingering kiss with my sweet husband.  And the crowd at the commissary and weather outside get in the way of my good cooking judgement (don't really know how much of that I have, but whatever it is, I totally lost it all).

This feeling really makes me want to go out and change the world right this second!  Not exactly realistic, so I'll settle with working on changing the world of those around me.  I know I've said this before, so obviously I struggle with it, but I'll try to be nicer and not find everything to complain about.

I love my God.  I love the peace he provides and the fact that he continually reminds me of that because I so easily forget when things don't go my way or get tough and I start complaining or have a bad attitude toward something.  There is no other reason for me to be happy other than Jesus Christ.  Without him in life I would be able to find bad in everything, but instead, because he lives in me and I know of his love, I can find the good in anything.

Okay, so if you know me at all you'll understand my chaotic thinking here, but if you don't just reread the last paragraph and try to be happy about your life today, without looking for all the bad in it.

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