Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Poco to Mom

Dear Mom,

I have few things I would like to discuss with you.

1. Please save me and you and stop eating sugar.  I realize that you like it, but I take after dad and like meat better.  If I'm ever going to be able to keep up with my cousins, I'm going to need the extra protein.

2. Would you please stop putting that thing on your belly that makes those awful noises.  I know that you like to look at me, but if you haven't noticed, the reason I'm moving like a jumping bean is because I don't like those sound wave things.

3.  Would you please tell dad to stop poking at me.  I'm trying to grow in here and the poking just interrupts my peaceful surroundings.  Let him know we will have plenty of time to play when I'm done in here.

4.  I know that me being in here makes you sick and you keep running to that big white thing in the bathroom with a hole in the middle,  but it's cold out there right now, and I'd rather stay snug in here until it gets nice and warm outside, just like you did!  So just let me cook a little while longer (say - 6 months) and then we can meet and you can have fun running to me every 2 hours!

Ok...I'm going to go see how many times I can flip now.  Pretty soon I'll be big enough for you to feel my acrobatic stunts.

With love,
Your growing child

1 comment:

  1. Seriously. This cracks me up. Quite a bit. Good post, Kayla!


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