Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby Wilkes - Monthly Checkup

Baby Wilkes and I had a check up today.  Everything was fine, but he/she was giving me a bit of a scare while at the Dr.  They tried to find the heart beat with the portable Doppler and couldn't.  Two different nurses tried and the second one made me feel like she was going to have the doppler go in through my abdomen and come out my back because she was pressing down so hard.  I think they even got a bit worried and kept saying things like "the baby is so small at this point and their heart rates are so fast and that makes it hard to detect."  If only they knew they were talking to a nicu/nursery nurse... he he.

Well, after a few minutes of trying to find the heart beat, they sent me to ultrasound.  As soon as the sonographer saw the baby, she said, "no wonder they couldn't find it, the baby's wiggling around so fast in there!"  I just smiled and thought, yes, that's my child, can't stay still : )

She did manage to get one still shot, it is a bit blurry because he/she was moving so much! I saw the feet way up in the fluid (air ha ha) and the hands were reaching far out.  It was great to see that there really was something in there that had life.  On our last visit all we saw was the heart beating.  At that point the baby really had not developed to many muscles and wasn't able to move its extra short limbs, but now that it is has long legs (compared to the rest of its body) and arms and hands it loves to move around and mommy loves to watch it.

I wish you all could have been there to see it.  I want to show my child off already.  In the picture you can only see parts of the leg because it was moving it so fast, but it is perpendicular to the rest of the baby's body.  I will say that if we are having a boy it looks like soccer will be in the future, but I think this baby, if a girl, is ready for dance classes!

The heart rate was 173 today and is measuring right on track.  As of this week baby Wilkes is the size of a lime.  Of course I had to buy a lime at the commissary to keep on the kitchen table for this week.  From the sonogram, Caleb said it looks like our child has a mohawk.  He laughs now... just wait until is comes out bald like both of us did.

A side note:  I don't like calling Baby Wilkes, "It" so I'm nick naming the baby for blog and conversation purposes.  My nephew, Micah, helped me with inter-womb baby names and we chose Poco.  So, from here on out "it" is Poco.  I like it...  Maybe a bit spanishy, but it'll do.

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