Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Peanut Festival

Here in Alabama we have a festival called the Peanut Festival that takes place every October.  Its pretty much the fair around here.  We got together with a group of folks to go check it out and I will say that it is definitely southern and parts of it were very hillbilly!  Hence the first photo.  Yes, as Caleb and I were waiting for the others to get there, we explored a little and found this sign.  Panties $1.00.  Yes, and there were panties for sale.  WOW!  

Caleb wanted a picture with the sign.

This was our view from the hog races.

Our good friends Brandon and Crissy, love the rides and I caught this pic of them looking at the ride that they were about to get on.  It was high and fast, can't remember what it was called, but Caleb said it reminded him of an egg beater.

Since Chic-fil-A and I are on such close terms, I thought getting a pic with the cow would be awesome.


This is Jason.  We just met him on this outing, but boy can this guy eat!  And he LOVED being at the festival...He was so much fun to be around.

We actually did have a good time and got to experience a bit more of the Alabama life.

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  1. so how many pairs of $1 panties did you get? ;)


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