Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Weekend To Remember

On Friday, November 13, Kari, KatieBeth, and I set out on our trip to Gatlinburg, TN.  However, we did not know what was in store for us.  Here is the 3 of us at my mom's beauty shop before heading out on our weekend bachelorette adventure.
Ahhhh, so happy!

On the way, my tires looked a little low, so KB put some air in them.  This was to be the least of our headaches.

Once on the road, we came upon I-40 in which we quickly realized was closed due to a rock slide that occurred about 2 weeks ago. So, with our trusty GPS (aka Kathrine) we tied another route.  A.... more scenic route.  We were enjoying our mountain ride despite the lack of sleep that KB and Kari had from working 12 hours the night before in the NICU and my uncommonly overactive bladder.  So, we took advantage of the trip only consisting of the 3 of us and the beautiful surroundings.

But, we quickly became delirious and frustrated at the harsh terrain we traveling over and the sways of the roads going up and down 3 different mountains.  In the next 2 pictures we were traveling about 8 miles an hour over large pebbles on a barely one lane mountain road with about a 200 ft drop below.
So I decided to get some fresh air and stick my head out of the sunroof at 8 miles an hour.  Very liberating.

KatieBeth decided to try it also... The fresh air helped a bit with the car sickness.  All of this occurred after we stopped in the mountains countless times to rid ourselves of excess fluids and talking with Park Rangers about a dead Elk that was being investigated due to an unknown reason for departure.

After 7 hours in the car and a story within itself, we finally made it to our cabin where Kari proceeded to cry because she was that happy to be there, I got bit in the face by the neighbor's dog, and we realized we had no food other than the cake I got for the specific purpose of the bachelorette party.

All in all, we had fun, bonded and made some memories that will not soon be forgotten.

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  1. Sad and seriously funny. Good times, Kayla Wilkes. Good times. Can't wait to see you next week!!!! :)


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