Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Wilkes

Caleb and I had two Thanksgiving dinners this year.  Our first was at Dan and Alecia's where there were 21 people enjoying the food at one time.  It was chaotic, but so amazing to have so many people there to love on and celebrate all the things to be thankful for.   There was so much food to choose from that I'm sad I didn't get to taste some of the desserts.  I've posted some pictures of the Wilkes Thanksgiving.

Here Daniel is stuffing the turkey after giving Micah an anatomy lesson on the parts of a turkey.  

Micah helped making the stuffing by tearing the bread. He was concentrating very hard on this task.

This is the table decor.  Simple, but festive for all the people that would soon be surrounding it.

After helping with the stuffing and while the turkey was cooking, Micah decided to pick out some colorful leaves.  He loves fall and the different leaves.

And Anna was busy taste testing all of the food.  She was so happy that day and gave everyone hugs randomly.  It made my heart melt.  Not mention she looked adorable in her dress and tights.  And boy does this girl appreciate some food.  She might take after her aunt - or just the family she was born in to.

Alecia's mom, Marti, took this picture of Caleb and me.  After stuffing our faces and letting everyone know about our little one cooking in my oven we were so happy!  It was a great day.  Check back for the Thanksgiving with the Steele's next.

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