Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wilkes Home Happenings

Since I have been sick lately and have not been up for blogging I thought I would give a small update of life in the Wilkes home.

Remember my basil plant that I was trying very hard not to kill.  We here it is today!


YAY!  With some help from Caleb it is still growing!!!

This picture is of my husband's favorite lunch... grilled turkey and cheese.  They are easy and he loves them, score!

This has been my best bud for the past week, raspberry tea.  With a sore throat and cough, this stuff makes me feel all cozy and warm.

And on to the Christmas decor!  I got these ribbons to go on a wreath that we will put on our front door. I'm so excited!!  This year I actually have the time to make our home feel like Christmas and I think I might try a few new recipes as well.

A few more decorations.  This is garland that will go on our tree... a REAL tree that we will pick out when we come home from celebrating Thanksgiving in SC.
We also have candles galore with the best of the holiday scents and as soon as T-day is too-da-loo, we will be playing Christmas music and wearing cozy bedroom shoes.
Lots to do this week!  Hope you all have a great short work week!

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