Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seeing God's Beauty

I'm back from Panama City and back to blogging.  

I love driving and I love long drives.  When I'm by myself and forced to be sometimes music gets a bit too old and I've listened to every CD I have lately with all the hours spent driving between SC and AL lately.  So, when driving, it give me time to think about things that need to be thought about and talk with God.  

In the hour and a half I spent on the road to Panama City I did a lot of thinking and praying.  I was again reminded of how amazing God is.  How?  By what I saw.  The country roads surrounding my new home hold beautiful fields and breathtaking sights.  It is very rare these days that we look out and see only green without sky highs getting in the way.  I thought the sights were so beautiful with the threat of a storm in the future, that I stopped my car to take a few shots.  

Also, the sky is amazing to me.  With a husband that dreams of flying I tend to look up a lot more now and what I see only exemplifies God's beauty.  I encourage you all to take a break and look into your life for God's beauty.  Whether it be a kind word from a neighbor, or the prayer of a child, or just the beautiful summer weather... enjoy it thank the Lord that has provided it.

Crissy with her new pup, Ruger.

Ruger asleep on Caleb.

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