Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 years old!

So, I'm really behind on posting.  Sorry for the delay, but here is Emmy's second birthday party post.  

Caleb requested that Emmy's party be small and after much whining on my part we opted for the family and close friends party this year.  

Since we made the decision to have a small get together, and we moved just the week before, I didn't start planning the party until about seven days before we actually had it and after a lot ideas on themes I decided to go easy cheesy and throw her a Dora party.  

I ordered the cake from a family friend, got a couple of recipes from Pintrest, and Caleb made barbeque.  Simple and fun.  

My mom came over to the new place to help me set up while Emmy was napping.  When she woke up to see Dora everywhere she was thrilled.  Even though we told her "Happy Birthday" about every hour that day, I don't think she really got it until she saw the house decorated for the party. 

Our friends Brandon and Beth came to celebrate with Porter and their newest addition, Lyla.  Emmy loved loving on her and was so sweet with her.  I can't wait to see this little one again!

After everyone arrived and ate, we sang "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl.

I didn't realize that they candles I got were sparklers and it scared Emmy at first.

But a little pep talk from Granddaddy solved that.

And having your cake and eating it too doesn't hurt either!

Then it was time to open presents.  Emmy was all about it and knew exactly what to do!  Porter helped a little too!

One present wasn't wrapped, but was a big hit - the elephant floor pillow.  Emmy still reads books on it daily.

I think Bopa got a little bored during the presents part of the party and morphed into a gangsta!

After eating cake, opening presents, playing with friends and loving on family, she needed a break to tell Daddy how much fun she had!

We ended our day with just the three of us reminiscing about Emmy's actual birth day and telling her about while looking at photos of her as a baby.  I cried... a little.  It was so amazing to just be with her and think about that day/night.   

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