Thursday, July 5, 2012

Steele/WIlkes Beach Trip 2012

I know I'm WAY behind on blogging (like two weeks behind), so hopefully I can pull out some posts in the next few days.  

At the end of June we joined my parents at Murrell's Inlet.  I was so excited about getting to play with Emmy on the beach, soak up some rays, and actually have Caleb with us this year.  

Well, Emmy was a blast to watch on the beach.   She and I searched for unique seashells, went swimming in the ocean with daddy, and made sand castles.  She didn't mind the sand or salt at all!  

During our stay, we also went for rides on the golf cart, took lots of photos, went putt - putting, and watched a lot of Carolina baseball.  

On our last night, my brother requested that he, Emmy, and I go to the beach and take some photos.  He wanted a frame - worthy photo with Emmy.  In the 30 minutes we spent at the beach that night, we had such a good time.  Emmy didn't care if she got dirty or got her dress wet, she was just there having fun with her Bubby!  

These are the photos I'm going to frame - I'll probably also edit them in black and white.

I love that this photo kind of puts into perspective how big the ocean is and how small we all are!

My parents also requested to have some photos taken of them.  I was really excited to do this for my parents, but my dad was just like most men and was D O N E after just a few shots.  Emmy helped brighten his mood a little.  

Love this one!

My mom looks so beautiful here!

And then I gave the camera over to Caleb and my dad and this is what they got.  Not too shabby for amateurs : )

The one thing I didn't like about this beach trip, was going home a lobster.  I have finally come to grips with the fact that I'm never going to be a tan person.  I should just relish in my whiteness and not even try!!!  

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  1. loved all these pics!! you are so pretty kay!! i'm supposed to go home to the beach this week and i seriously hope the 60 and 70% chance of rain changes!!! love you!


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