Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Silly Willeys

Still catching up here!

The first weekend of July our dear friends, Sarah and Brian (from Ft. Rucker), came all the way to SC from Illinois to visit us!  We started our visit by going to Toys R Us so Emmy could pick out a belated birthday present from them.  We spent an hour in the store just letting her roam about which we all loved.  She eventually ended up picking out a water table.  Sarah got Iphone photos of her playing with it, but I don't have them yet, so photos of that coming later.  After picking out her present, we went to Bruster's for an ice cream dinner.  Yes, we let Emmy have ice cream for dinner that night and she loved it!  
After getting Emmy to bed, we sat around joking and catching up.  

A couple of days later, Caleb and I dropped Emmy off with my parents and headed to join everyone in Charleston.  Crissy, Sarah, Emmy, and I visited Charleston last year, but Brian had never been so it was fun to see someone experience it for the first time.  While waiting for a table at a waterfront restaurant we walked around The Battery.  It was H.O.T.

The Willeys

The girls

The boys

The Skellys

The Wilkes

The Battery

All of us after dinner

After dinner we caught up while sipping on a few drinks, but we were D.O.N.E by midnight.  We are definitely getting old!

The next day we joined the Willeys on a boat ride to Fort Sumter.  Sarah and Brian are big history buffs and wanted to learn as much about Charleston's history as they could.  Again, it was a hot day, but being on a boat really helped.  

Brian is really tall and had to bend down to get through the door that's behind him!  

Sarah and I lost the boys many times during our tour of Fort Sumter.  Sor some reason, this is where we found them at one point.  

Past US flags.  It was really interesting to read about the history of they flags and why they were changed.

Leaving Fort Sumter

On the way back we saw a couple of dolphins.  
Once we got back, we walked through the market and got a few things before heading home to pick up our Emmy.

A couple of days later Sarah and Brian came to Lexington to spend the remainder of their trip.  We spent one afternoon swimming in the Skelly's neighborhood pool.  Emmy loved all the attention. 

Our fun didn't end there!  We  had a great 4th of July with the Willeys too!
We started the fourth off by watching the Peach Festival Parade.  Once we got hot enough, we got some peach ice cream and tried to cool down in the shade.  

Emmy was so happy to wave her flag and smile at all the cars, tractors, and floats that passed by.  A true patriotic army brat!

Before leaving we had to get a few photos with the aunts!

It warms my heart so much to know how much these two women love my daughter.  Aunts are so great, even if they aren't blood related!

After the Peach festival we went home and all took a much needed nap, then headed to the Skelly's to grill out and wait for fireworks to start.  Uncle Bill came to join in on the fun too!

Daddy was extra happy that Bill brought his awesome car and let him drive it!

After filling out bellies and loading up on bug spray, we set out to find the perfect spot to watch fireworks.  

I think we found it!

And Em found her perfect spot on Uncle Brandon's lap!

We packed so much into the 6 days that the Willeys were in town and it still wasn't enough!  I miss them already!

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  1. Emmy is getting so big!! I miss you all. Love the 4th pics though - they're awesome!


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