Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Mega Party

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  So much has been going on the with the Wilkes!

The big thing is, we moved.  It was a hard move for many reasons.  For one it was upstairs and for two I was leaving my partner in crime and roommate for the past year, Crissy.  But, it is nice to have my own place and have Emmy AND Caleb around when I come home from work.  We are finally getting things organized and are anxiously waiting for our new couches to arrive.  More on that fiasco later.

A few days after we moved, Caleb and I attended a private living room concert by Christian artist, Rachel Lampa and her husband at our friend, Bill's place. There were about 20 people invited.  We ate Hudson's Barbeque before gathering in the living room for a very intimate concert.  It was something I've never experienced before, but it turned out to be a great night!
The photo is Crissy and me with Rachel after the concert.

A few days later most of the Wilkes clan traveled to SC to visit.  The older cousins got together and decided a few months ago that once Uncle Caby was home they would come back to SC and celebrate.  Well, they conviced their mamas to do just that and we even planned a massive birthday party for all of them (I'm pretty sure this is the most genius idea we've had yet!  One party with all 8 cousins once a year!).  We all had a blast!  I love to be with the kids.  I even took the oldest, Lynsey, with me to shop for the big birthday party.  It is nice to spend some one on one time with them when I get the chance since it is few and far between with 8 of them running around now.  Our short time together was very busy...

We watched in awe at the Canadian Geese on the pond 

read lots of books

Decorated cupcakes for the mega-party

Ate the decorated cupcakes at the mega-party

Played with the presents

And made lasting memories.

The big mega-party was Sunday.  Unfortunately, Ama couldn't participate because she had the stomach bug, which was passed on to me, Caleb, and then Emmy. Now, I'm on to finish setting things up for Emmy's 2nd birthday party.  More to come!

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