Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Emmy!

Sweet little Emmy, 

Today you turn two years old.  You and I have been through a lot together this past year with your daddy being deployed, but I think we got through it relatively unscathed.  I can honestly say that I've loved every minute of the last two years and I'm only loving each day more with you around.  

You love to help mommy and daddy with anything and everything.  Cleaning, cooking, bathing the dog, fixing things, you name it, you are right in the middle of it.  

You are very polite - saying "please", "thank you", and "bless you" whenever necessary - and even sometimes when they aren't.  

You love the letter "E" and point it out whenever you see it.

Animals are your favorite things!  You read animal books over and over and the amazement never ceases.  

You love to have your finger nails and toe nails painted (so girly!)

You think that no one can go outside unless they have shoes on (it is a very big deal to you!)

You have become quite the picky eater which is my biggest stress at the moment due to how itty bitty you are.  Eat a twinkie kid! 

You love sleep!  And I LOVE that you love sleep!  

You still enjoy your pacifier and ask for it any time you are tired, scared, or hurting.  Dad and I have NO IDEA how we are going to get you over this!

You think NOT using the potty is funny.  You've done it many times, but now you seem to think it is fun to tease us.

You love to drink sweet tea (I try to limit this one to only when Grandmama is around), apple juice, and strawberry milk.

You like to hide and sneak up on people.  It is hilarious.

Dora the Explorer is your favorite TV show and you ask to watch it at least once a day and point out everything with Dora's picture on it.  

You are showing more and more signs of me and your dad every day.  I love seeing little parts of us come out in you. 

I pray for you daily.  I pray that God will take hold of your heart, break it, and show Himself to you and through you.  Emmy, I love you so much and can't even imagine the fun we will have in the next year and how much you are going to grow.  I feel so blessed that God has trusted me to be you mother and will try my best to help you grow into the woman God intends for you to be.  

Happy Birthday Emmy!

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