Monday, June 18, 2012

Last week our family boarded a jet and headed west.  We ended up in Laramie, Wyoming for a family wedding that I was to photograph, but we also got to do some sight seeing.  The scenery was breathtaking and photos do NOT do it justice!  Here is a little taste of our trip.  I'll be posting more from the wedding later as I edit.  

On our way...

Road markers for winter (kind of glad I don't live here)

On the way to the top of the mountain, we saw large patches of snow and decided to stop and wander around a bit.  Emmy was a little confused about why we were in snow with sandals on and didn't like it much, but Dad and Bopa loved it!

Caleb tried to get into the snowball fight, but I wasn't having it!

 Just a few yards over was a beautiful field of flowers that caught Emmy's eye.

Also, please disregard my child's sagging pants.  We checked the weather for Laramie before we left SC, but didn't take into account the high winds in Wyoming and the high altitude in the mountains so I had to make an emergency trip to Wal-mart to get her some pants and the 12-month size is too big in her waist.  I spent most of this day pulling her pants back up.  

After we picked some flowers, we continued driving to a lookout point where we were meeting other family members to picnic with.  

It took us a while to get to the lookout because the views were so gorgeous that we drove slow to take it all in.  

The lookout was 9000ft above sea level!  It was COLD!

Once we got to the lookout we realized that storm clouds were chasing us.  However, at one point it was raining 360 degrees around us but not on us.  It was pretty cool.

We ended our drive at a lake overlooked by snow capped mountains and stood in awe of God's mighty creation. 

As we were on our way down the mountain to the rehearsal, I spotted this field and had to get a few shots.

She did so good posing for me!  

So, after I work two days this week we are all headed to the beach with my family which means posting might be scarce the next week.  

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