Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You know you're a mom when...

~ You can't fit your groceries in the trunk of your car because it is full of baby gear.

~ You shower with bath toys at your feet

~ You find yourself saying "uh oh!" whenever you drop something even if a toddler is no where in sight.

~ Having a meal by yourself sounds more amazing than lame

~ You've had to replace not one, but two cell phones due to toddler mishandlings

~ Your "out the door" checklist now consists of: sippy cup, snack trap, diaper, wipes, and oh yea, car keys

~ You know the morning line up The Disney Channel

~ You feel naked if there isn't a child attached to you in some way

~ You give weekly manicures and pedicures, but not to yourself - and they are not pleasant

~ You've read certain books so many times that you don't even read them anymore.

~ Most outings require strategic planning

~ Your daughter has a better wardrobe than you do

~ Your mood depends on how your child(ren) are acting.

~ You are constantly monitoring and very in tune to what's on television or the radio

~ You are dreading the teen years and even more... college.

I love being a mom.  But more so, I love being Emmy's mom.


  1. aww this post made me excited to be a mom! emmy is the exact age of the child i want to inherit (i can pass all that birth, limp noodle stage stuff...at least for now) ;)

  2. I love this post! I can so relate! Your daughter is darling! ~Andrea


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