Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch this year did not exactly go as well as we hoped.  

It was a group even complete with Ellasyn, her mom, our friends Amanda, Clory, and Jenna and I got to meet Jenna's son, Eli, for the first time... Finally.  

The first thing that wasn't right about the day was the temperature.  It was hot.  Not exactly get-in-the-mood-for-fall weather.

Then, as Elizabeth got Ellasyn out of the car she yelled to us that little Ellasyn just projectile vomited all in the car (sorry for the visual, but projectile is a lot worse than just a little spit up).

We concluded that having a snack that included milk right after her dance class could have caused the sudden illness (we hope that's all it was), so Liz changed Ellasyn's clothes and the girls started running around the farm and seemed to be doing well.  

Ellasyn seemed to be doing okay, but then Emmalyn started getting tired and when she gets tired she gets selective hearing and just does her own thing.  I spent a lot of my time chasing her.  

Meanwhile, Liz was hosing off Ellasyn's carseat and Jenna was changing Eli's diaper, rocking him, feeding him, ya know, newborn stuff.

In between the chaos I managed to get a few good photos (I'm hoping Liz got a few too).  However, my child didn't want to sit with me long enough for us to get a good pic together which upset me more than it should since the only time I get photos with her is when we are with other people because daddy isn't around to work the camera.... but I digress.  

I present to you...
Pumpkin Patch 2011

The shirt was made by Liz's neighbor and a fellow LHS alum, Katie!

Emmy with Amanda (looking might chic I might add).

Baby Eli!!!!

Emmy exploring

I think this is such a sweet picture

Ellasyn trying out the mechanical horse (we didn't turn it on though)

Apparently Emmy needed a break so Ellasyn joined her

Overall it was good to catch up with friends and get outside some.  

Maybe we'll go again when the weather is a little more crisp.

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