Sunday, October 16, 2011

Move around like you just don't care...

Cause we're headed to the South Carolina State Fair!
 I have very fond memories of going to the fair with my parents as a small child, with friends after school in middle school, and with Caleb when we were dating in high school, and this year I got to introduce my first born child to it!  Even though daddy was not with us, the gang we went with took lots of photos so he could see our experiences and laugh with us!

We started the day off early - getting to the fair at 1030!  Crissy (my housemate) her parents, sister, and sister's friend tagged along with Emmy and me.  

On the way there, rain and dark clouds seemed to follow us, but after a few light sprinkles the sun showed up along with a breeze that was heavenly.  

Emmlayn was mesmerized for the first hour, just taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells.  

She enjoyed seeing some of our gang high up in the sky twirling around and around aimlessly.

Then we let her loose!

We chased her around for a little while then I thought it was time to try out the kiddie rides.  

We ventured to the tug boat and got all set to go when the kid in front of us started freaking out and climbing on his mom.  Emmy had a very terrified, concerned look on her face by this point as she watched the child scream in terror.  Not the best start to her first carnival ride.  Once it started up she kept looking at me to make sure I was okay.  I think she was a little scared, but once she saw that I was smiling it calmed her down.

Then we watched the grown ups ride a few more high intensity rides.

At one point we ventured away from the rides to see the animals.  Emmalyn absolutely LOVED it!  We went face to face with cows, rabbits, pigs, and ducks.  There was also a petting zoo complete with goats, donkeys, and monkeys.  

I think the best part of our experience from the day was Emmalyn getting to ride a pony.  I let her pet them first and choose which one she wanted to ride on.  She chose a black one, but he was a bit tall and she wanted to be able to hold on to me while riding so I put her on the white one which was a little smaller. 

Emmy was a little skeptical at first but for the most part she enjoyed it.

After all the excitement, she was exhausted!

As she slept Dani (Crissy's sister and I) rode Karen the elephant.

Then she woke up just in time for the elephant show, which was great!

The day was so good - but the whole time I was thinking about how much I wished Caleb was with us!  Maybe next year!

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  1. Wow, it definitely pays off to go early in the morning! It was busy and crowded when we went. I didn't even know there were pony rides or an elephant show! How fun!


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