Thursday, October 13, 2011

A few reasons I'm happy

~ Today I got to talk to Caleb for an hour!  We talked about our future together, our family, our future children, how we've grown through the ten years we've been together and how much we love and miss each other.  It was great!  I'm so blessed that God provided me with such an amazing man to spend my life with.  I'm still so in love with him and it only grows each day - even when we aren't on the same continent!

~ I have loved being a mom this week.  I have the week off which was very needed after nursing eleven, yes, eleven patients last week!  Even though Emmy has had her moments of drama this week, I absolutely love being her mom.  It is amazing, especially when she wants to do things like mom!

~ I got crafty tonight.  I haven't done a lot of crafts since Emmy has been born and since I don't have a home of my own to decorate at the moment.  I forgot how fun it is to be creative.

~ Emmy and I got the sweetest note in the mail today from her dentist.  They took a photo of her (as they do for all of their patients) and sent two of them to us - one for us to keep, and one to send to Daddy.  That small effort really meant so much to me - to know that even though most of the population doesn't have to go through or understand what it is like to have a spouse gone from you for months at a time in an area of increased risk, they try to show they care in other ways or try to help those who do go through this for the freedom of this country.  It just spoke volumes to me.  Sorry about the soap box - I'm just a proud army wife and American.

~ I watched a great movie tonight - To Save A Life.  If you get a chance, watch it.

~ I love my church.  I started going to a bible study with a small group on Wednesday morning that really helps get my mind back to Christ mid week.  I love that most of the people are so real and the teaching is bold but true.

~ I'm loving taking photos.  It really makes me happy and even if the whole business side of things doesn't take off, I'm so glad I have a hobby that I love and that I can offer to people.  It is also amazing to  be able to capture God's beauty in a snapshot.  Seeing a child's smile, a couple in love, or even big fluffy clouds - all God's beauty, and having a small part of it in our hands is just awesome!  And we still have no idea what beauty lies ahead of us in heaven!
Speaking of, be sure to look at my photography blog to see the sweet beauty that I just posted!

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  1. Loving that pic of emmy cooking! what did you make?

    what an awesome dentist! i've never heard of that but so cool!

    we need a phone date pronto!



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