Sunday, June 6, 2010

A few Thoughts

So, the past two days have been rather trying.  On top of feeling physically exhausted and really emotional about meeting my baby girl so soon, there were some family issues thrown in too - just for good measure.  If you think about it in the coming days much prayer is needed for my family at this time.

However, despite these family issues, life still goes on.

My brother graduated from high school today.  It is so hard to believe that I helped change his diapers, gave him baths in the kitchen sink and was there when he took his first steps and now he's an adult with a diploma headed off to college.  Is this what old feels like?

Emmalyn is now 38 weeks gestation.  Another issue we are facing is whether or not we should induce labor due to her size or wait for her and my body to decided when she should come.  The only reason the Dr. is worried about waiting is due to her size and the increased risk of a c-section in order to get her out.  At first I was totally against planning my child's birth date, not trusting my body, or acting like God, but my very knowledgeable husband pointed out that God gave us brains and the ability to use them to make decisions based on the information we have been given.  With that said, we are headed to possibly the last prenatal appointment on Tuesday.  There I will get checked to see how much, or little, progress has been made in getting Emmalyn here and we will then decide what to do.  Induction or waiting.

There are so many pros and cons that have run through my head with making this decision, but I know the most important call is making sure that there is a healthy baby at then end no matter when or how she makes her appearance.

Until then, Caleb and I are spending a lot of time together taking it easy.  I'm trying to savor the quiet with just the two of us as much as I can!

And at last, here are 2 pictures because a blog post with this many words should definitely have some pictures.

This is Asher. Born at 36 weeks gestation about 6 weeks ago.  I'm currently working on the newborn pictures I took of him so here is a sneak peek. 

And this is Huey.  Caleb and I are dog sitting for the Skelly's this weekend and he is their new puppy.

Kayla : )


  1. Collin McReynoldsJune 7, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    I will be praying for you and your family!! I absolutely LOVE the picture of Asher, he is so precious!! Cant wait to meet your baby girl :)

  2. Hey Kayla! I found your blog awhile ago and have been stalking you ;) but I thought I'd comment this time. I just want to encourage you do to your own research before choosing induction/waiting on baby. I know from personal experience how awful inductions are and they increase your risk for a C-section. Research the chances of your baby being too big to fit through your birth canal and see if they are greater than your risk of a C-sectino with induction. You might be surprised at what you find! I'm sure you know as a nurse about the cascading effects of medical intervention esp. when not necessary. I feel so many OB's are just scared (of lawsuits and such) and want to control your birth but it is such a natural thing and not meant for human control. Now, I am very thankful for medical intervention WHEN necessary! It has saved my life!


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