Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emmalyn's First two weeks

The first two weeks of Emmalyn's life have been rather action packed.  First my parents, my brother, and Caleb's younger brother came into town to meet her.  Joel, Caleb's brother could only stay 2 days because of college and job responsibilities, but he said that he "has never fallen in love with anything so fast in his life."  I LOVE it!

While my family was in town the men had the all important "cigar smoke" in honor of the new addition.  However, the cigars were a last minute purchase and rather cheap, so they only got smoked halfway before the men were disgusted.

After my family left Caleb's mom and dad came to help out for a few days.  Just like my family they cooked and cleaned everything and all Caleb and I had to do was concentrate on our little angel.  Not only did Caleb's mom come to help out with household things, she also finished reupholstering the cushions for the glider in the nursery.

She has been one busy lady.  But times with Emmalyn seem to make it all worth while.

It is so crazy to me that Emmalyn is the 6th grandchild on Caleb's side of the family but she is still loved so much!  How much love do we have to go around???

Also, Caleb's parents were in town for Father's Day!  I love that they were here for their son's first Father's Day and got to celebrate it with him.  And what a great day it was!

Emmalyn and I gave Caleb a wooden cutout of an apache helicopter (which he will be flying in August).  

And Caleb's dad had a photo op with Emmalyn.

The day after Father's Day Lynda (Caleb's mom) and I ventured out to Barnes and Noble with Emmalyn to find her some books.  We racked up on elephant books and I was introduced to The Saggy Baggy Elephant.


Now it is time for a rest.  There are many more things for me to post in the coming days including making flower bows for Emmalyn and the final nursery reveal!!!

Kayla : )

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