Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emmalyn Update and Nursery

After much deliberation and praying and crying we have decided to induce tomorrow.  My body is not progressing well and Emmalyn is rather big already.  We thought about waiting a week, but my Dr. didn't really think I would dilate much more within a week and Emmalyn would only be bigger.  Either way there is a risk of c-section, but doing it now is the lowest risk.

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me.  I felt at first as if I was playing God and planning the day she is to be born, but with the circumstances what they are, our decision seems to be the best and I truly believe that Christ led us to the decision to induce.  No, I'm not thrilled about being in the hospital all day in labor and not my own home, but we have games and a dvd player to help distract me from the pain, not to mention all the friends I have at the hospital, some that will be coming to visit, my husband will be there, and my parents.  I'm so blessed and have a ton of support and prayers for tomorrow.  I know in the end a healthy baby is really what matters.

With all that said, since we finalized our decision I've been back and forth with feelings of excitement to feelings of nervousness and anxiety.  It seems natural, but its just so crazy to think that right now in my home it is just Caleb, me and the dogs and after tomorrow we will have a third person with us...forever!  Life will NEVER be the same.  The changes are good changes, but I'm scared my relationship with my husband will never be the same...well, DUH!  but what I mean is what I've known for the past 3 years will be no more.  How do I love this little person so much and care for their every need as well as love my husband well, which I feel like I'm just starting to learn.  Good thing God is gracious!!!!

So, enough mush, here is the bedding my awesome mother-in-law made for Emmalyn's room.  Its so great and really makes the room feel complete!

The close up

My mother-in-law sent some of the spare fabric so I covered (mod podged) the light switch plate.  It was SO EASY!!!

And last, we have Emmalyn's temporary bed all set up.  The pack-n-play will stay in our room on my side of the bed for a few weeks while she breast feeds and grows and we get on a bit of a schedule.  I'm so excited to see her swaddled in it.  Also, as you can tell the monitors are all set up as well :)  

Well, my next post will be all about my experience tomorrow and our baby girl!  I truly CANNOT believe it is here and happening!
Kayla : )

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  1. Hey girl!! I just want you to know how excited I am for you :)! I can remember those nerves getting to me too, especially since it is a planned day, you know that she will be here for definate in a matter of hours now and that it is for the best! Your decision is the right one, and God's plan is to bring you and that precious baby through this and that is what he will do. I will defintaly pray for a close to pain free delivery..hehe, and a healthy baby girl! Can't wait to see pictures, so happy for you girlie. Love ya! Just breath and focus, you will be fine! No matter how she has to get here, it will all be over quick, and be well worth it in the end! God Bless. Shannon Johnson


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