Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Landscapes

This weekend I traveled to Bluffton, SC to visit my friend, Ashley.  We had a blast!  Ate a ton of good food, watched some football, shopped and shopped, and I got to take some pictures of her (those coming at a later post).
On my way to South Carolina, which took 6 hours and just shy of 400 hundred miles, I was in awe of how beautiful the scenery was.  I stopped on the side of the road to capture a few pictures.  I couldn't help but praise God for the beauty we are surrounded by, not to mention the great weather.

I'm glad to be home now, but the trip was well worth it and did help this time without Caleb seem a little less lonely.

There is a lot of work to get done this week. Between the hospital and pictures, I will be very busy.   Take the time this week to take in all of this autumn beauty and thank God for the little everyday blessings we are given.

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