Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recent pics: before and after

Yesterday Caleb and I took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Dothan.  A coworker, Kara, suggested the place and others for pictures.  I actually have 4 couples who want me to take pictures of them for Christmas.  SO EXCITED and HONORED!!!  

Anyway, I got some good pics yesterday and found some good spots to photograph the Christmas sessions.  Here are a few of them, with 2 before (SOOC) and after (Edited with Picnik).  They say practice makes perfect and I'm sure getting my practice in.  

With working nights, but spending a little while outside in the daylight really makes me feel so much better.  I really have no idea how they do it for months in Alaska.

This picture reminds me of fall.  The day was cloudy with a light breeze, not cool, but seeing these mini pumpkins (I think they are come type of gourd), made me want to put on a sweater and boots.  



I hope you enjoy.  I'm so ready to start this new week.  Working 2 nights, cleaning, and taking pictures on my to do list!

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  1. These are looking good! We definitely will have to go on a shoot when I come to visit! Love and miss you too!

    PS - your word verification on your post a comment always gives me the funniest words - today's is "pante" - haha.


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