Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alabama Adventures

This week has been jam packed! I worked Sunday and Monday, went to a Dr. appointment, spent a day cleaning, organizing and shopping, and went on a little adventure with 2 friends from work. It's been a wonderful week. Of coarse I have pictures that document my fun.

Also this week, Caleb completed dunker training and passed! To me it seems scary...being tipped over in a huge metal aircraft and having to find your way out and to the surface. To was awesome! Glad he thinks so.

Last week I ordered 2 new lenses. A wide angle lens and a macro lens. They finally got here and I love them! I also found a great photography store in Dothan and the owner helped me out a lot. I'm learning so much lately and just want to shoot everything in sight, even if it doesn't seem interesting to photograph. Taking pictures of people would be so much more interesting, but I'll take what I can get.

Here is a picture I took with my macro lens. I'm trying to get a picture of every letter of the alphabet in an unique way. I"m getting there but its hard finding every letter and making them all different.

This has been my lifeline since working so many nights lately. Caffeine!!!

This is me with my fellow nursery nurses, Cara and Aimee, at "Old Towne." It is a mock western town kept up by an Alabama native man. Don't quite know who the 3 are that populate it, but we thought it was pretty cool.

Our friend that we met while visiting "Old Towne." He loved the camera.

This church is at Landmark Park in Dothan, AL, an old town that has been refurbished with a school house, out house, general store, planetarium and farm. Pretty cool.

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