Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Mini Trip with Nature's Gentle Giants

So, a few weeks ago I begged Caleb for us to get away for a weekend. Well, last weekend we did. He planned for us to go to Florida to swim with manatees. This has been something I've wanted to do since I was 7 years old, so for me, this was HUGE. Of course I have pictures so you can relive the experience with us.

We got on the boat at 7am and rode around for about an hour and a half looking for any sign of manatees. They like warm waters and half to come up for air about every 5 minutes. So we were searching for big noses peeking out of the water. However, they were very sneaky, so I got bored and took a picture of Caleb. This is his, "where are you sea cows?" face.

We found one! Okay, we found a few but this one really liked us. As soon as I got into the water she (yes, you can tell) followed me to see if I was gentle and swam into me (on purpose). However, the water was really murky because the manatees rough it up when they eat from the bottom of the sea so I couldn't see more than a foot in front of me. It startled me at first when this HUGE gray blubber-filled animal showed up right into front of my face. Once I got use to their touch it was so amazing!!!

To touch these huge animals and know that they are so gentle made me so happy. She was very playful. She would bump into us to get our attention and while we were rubbing her, she would roll over...and over. This is how we knew she liked us. I could not stop smiling!

Before we spotted the manatees, we idled around the bay at sunset for awhile. The water was so still and the refections were perfect.

And here we are after experiencing one of the most amazing things together. God is GREAT!

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  1. She's SO cute! I love that they roll over like dogs! haha


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