Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving break was so fun.  All eight of the Wilkes grandkids piled into Ama and Bopa's house for the festivities.  The whole time was filled with racing riding toys, swinging, chasing the lamas (yes, there are lamas), eating lots of cookies, watching movies, playing house, coloring, and learning how to share (mostly Emmy did that).

Emmy thought the girls racing down the hill was so exciting.  She actually convinced me to ride with her, which we did and lived to tell about it. 

At one point, my sister in law and I decided to attempt a photo of all the grandkids.  We had no idea what we were asking for.  Emmy was no happy about having to sit down and have a camera in her face and Abby (the youngest Wilkes) was just not going to sit.

Ama stepped in to try and help, but eventually we were all just laughing at the hilarity that was the situation.


After the craziness, we all went inside to get ready for dinner and I walked into the living room to see Emmy and Laurel cuddling.  Be still my heart.

So the next day we tried again without much more luck.  At least the older kids were having fun.

By the end of the night the kids just wanted to stay up and play with each other.  I love that all eight of them love each other so much.  Emmy is still asking when we see them again.

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  1. So.Many.Girls!! I did not realize Micah had become so outnumbered!!!

    And look at Linda!! Holy cow - she looks amazing!!!


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