Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

Since it has been a week since Halloween night occurred, I figured I should write a post to document this year. 

Emmy was a mouse this year.  Mostly because it was an easy, cheap costume to put together and she liked the idea. 

I guess I talked it up too much because Emmy did not nap at all.  She just laid in her bed singing to her animals.  After about an hour of this, Caleb and I decided it was a lost cause, so we got her up and dressed and went on our way!

Our first stop was my dad's office.  His entire office buys candy and cupcakes, for the kids to trick or treat around.  They even have a raffle and a group photo.

I will say that the nerds at my dad's office (they are a bunch of computer nerds : ) know how to make a kid happy on Halloween.  They had the best candy selection!  Not the cheap stuff!

After racking up some good stuff at my dad's office we headed to Five Points to my mom's salon to get ready for the next trick or treat adventure.  All the stores open their doors and have tons of candy to give to kids all over.  Emmy loved it last year, and there were more kids out this year. 

After about four hours of trick or treating and no nap, Emmy was pooped so we went home to close out our evening with dinner and of course candy eating.  Now, at least once a day she asks to dip into her candy stash, so it is dwindling rather quickly (not to mention the times that Uncle Bubby, Daddy, and Mommy have dipped into it as well : )

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY ending Sunday!!!

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