Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recent Phone Pics

We took Emmy bowling on Veteran's Day.  All was going well and she loved it until she tripped and knocked her tooth (the same one as she did a little over a year ago) back up into her gum.  I honestly don't know how she feels about bowling now.

The day after falling and hitting her tooth, she was playing with Caleb outside and came inside crying with a huge goose egg on her forehead.  I'm afraid she inherited her mother's talent for clumsiness.  Here she is showing it off.

Emmy has really loved playing with her baby dolls lately.  She feeds them, and takes them to the "store" and to "ama's" and even has to bathe with them!

Emmy has befriended a mama duck at the duck pond near our house who has been sitting on five eggs for the past two weeks.  We went to check on her before playing on the playground.

Then, of course, Emmy played her little heart out.

I love this girl so much!

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