Sunday, October 21, 2012

The South Carolina State Fair

Every year I look forward to the fair.  It is kind of my own official sign that it is fall.  I remember getting out from school in middle school and piling in one of my friend's mom's cars and carpooling all the way to the fair for the rest of the afternoon.  I remember Caleb taking me when we were dating and him pressuring me into riding a particular ride that I DID NOT want to ride, eventually giving in, rushing to a near by trash can to throw up once it was over, and now all these years later still blaming Caleb for that embarrassing episode.  However, I still love going to the fair and this was the first year that Emmy could really enjoy it, plus, Caleb is home now and can experience all the fall activities with us this year.

We decided to start off with the animal exhibits.  Emmy loved the petting zoo.

Just like last year there was an elephant to ride.  Emmy and Caleb got to ride it together and Emmy still loves to talk about riding the elephant.

And she asked to ride a pony after the elephant.  Girl was all smiles!

After riding animals Emmy was ready for the flashy rides.  I will admit that I was a bit nervous letting her ride all on her own, but she did great and wanted to ride more!

We wanted to ride on the chair lift, but they wouldn't let all three of us on at one time so momma said NO WAY to that.  We rode the ferris wheel instead.

Afterwards, the smells of fatty fair food got to us so we stopped for some mushrooms and an elephant ear.

I'm so happy all three of us got to go together this year and make autumn memories as a family!

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