Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Gamecocks and best friends

Our family had a blast this weekend.  My best friend, Ashley, came to visit.  I actually went out with some girls from college on Friday night.  We caught up on what we've all been doing the past few years and reminisced about college and old funny stories.  It was good for me to get out and let loose for a couple of hours.

On Saturday we all ventured downtown to tailgate for the USC vs. GA game.  Emmy was so good the whole time and Caleb and I received lots of compliments about her.  As superficial as it may be, I enjoy having a cute, well-behaved baby girl.  Let's just hope she passes it on to any siblings that may come in the future (not an announcement fyi).

I love these two!

She's so cute!

After four hours of tailgating, we did our regular game day ritual by watching the game at the Skelly's place, where Emmy and Ashley bonded over some sugary treats!

Our night ended with a win from our alma mater and a very clear realization that we are getting old in our post-college days by our repeated yawns as we rode home after the game.

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  1. such a fun weekend!! I already miss you guys!


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