Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm sorry for my blogging slackness lately! There has been a lot on my plate like...

~ Emmy and I have been sick on and off
~ I've been going to job interviews and praying a lot about what our family's next move will be
~ taking lots of photos (which I don't ever get tired of!)
~ getting ready to potty train my toddler (apparently there is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into potty training that I didn't realize)
~ throwing bridal/baby showers
~ Praying for friends that are becoming new moms
~ getting things together for Caleb's return home (only 35 days left!)

So there are a lot of posts that I have in my mind, but none that have actually made it to the blog yet!  I'll have plenty of reading for you all soon enough!

Until then, I just posted a family session that I did on the photography blog.  Check it out!


1 comment:

  1. How's potty bootcamp coming along? We officially start on Saturday morning since Morgan will begin her new daycare on Monday. I bought our last pack of pullups last night to carry us through the remainder of this week and have completely stocked her drawer full of the cutest little panties! :) I have cleared my calendar and plan on spending a long, trying weekend of potty training bootcamp stuck at home. Everyone's warned me that it's going to be exhausting but so worth it if you stick to the philosophy and stand strong the first 48 hours. I'm so ready for this and preparing myself for lots of extra laundry! :) It did feel good to know that I bought the last pack of diapers yesterday! Take care!


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