Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dilemma

I've been thinking a lot about what to do with Emmy's "big girl" room.  Pinterest doesn't help with this obsession, but it mostly started a few months ago when Emmy's dresser broke.  The dresser was mine when I was little, and while Caleb was home he tried to fix it with no luck, so I've been on the lookout for a dresser ever since.  So many ideas are going on in my head, but I'd like some of your ideas/advice. 

Here is the dilemma:

The crib we purchased for Emmalyn (I feel) is rather feminine...

Here is a stock photo of it.

It does turn into a double bed, which I would like to use for Emmy and buy another crib for baby #2 (whenever that happens).  I will probably still choose a convertible white crib, but it will be more gender neutral - however, the hubs doesn't really want to have to buy another crib, so he would just like to get a bed for Emmy.  My argument is the femininity of the crib and if we have a boy it might not "fit" - what do you think?

If we chose to keep the crib/bed for Emmy I will need to find another white dresser for her room.  I've looked on Craigslist and have found numerous hardwood dressers that will work in her room (I would probably need to paint whichever one I choose), but haven't been able to bring myself to buy one since I haven't made up my mind about the whether to keep the crib for Emmy or save it for the following children.

So that's option #1.  

Here is option #2:

I leave the crib as a crib in the nursery (whether boy or girl) and get a new dresser and bed for Emmy.  I still like the "shabby chic" look and this is what I have in mind if I choose option #2.

<~~~~~~  Dresser from Ikea - VERY roomy, not hardwood : (

Bed options (instead of existing crib):

This bed is also from Ikea and matches the color of the 3 drawer dresser above

Or I could go with the classic Jenny Lind bed and painted white dresser

Or just a headboard...

My real question is, what to do with the crib.  Is it too girly to use in a boy's room, or should I keep it with Emmy and get another crib? 


  1. I definitely don't think it's too girly for a boy's room, but I guess it would depend on the decor you want to use. I have seen lots of boys room {mostly online} with cribs that look like that. I vote for keeping the crib in the nursery and getting Emmy a headboard. I can't wait to see her big girl room!

  2. Both options are super cute. If you are definitely planning on having a bigger family, then I see nothing wrong with passing on the crib to baby #2. Whether boy or girl. I've seen very cute boy nurseries using a white crib. It's still a neutral. And you can start with a clean slate of creating a whole new big girl room for Emmy! I love the Jenny Lind picture!

  3. I am in the exact same predicament on what to do with Ellasyn's room. I can't decide if I want to buy a whole new crib or not. Depends on the gender of this baby! SO...yes, I know that was no help, just wanted to let you know I'm having the same troubles :)

  4. I would keep the crib for baby #2. You can make it "boyish" if you need to. I would advise against a full size bed b/c that's a whole lot of floor space being taken up! (I'd rather have that space for playing/running/etc) Evelyn is in a twin and it looks like a king when she is in it! Plenty big enough!!! I would use your crib as a toddler bed until you think Emmy is ready for a twin.
    And I think I'm getting the girls that Ikea dresser when we move! The drawers are on rollers so they can open and close it themselves (which may not be a good move now, but will be good when they are older. it also has a really cute matching mirror you should check out).
    I got the girls' twin beds (lucy isn't in one yet, but I got it to match E's) at a thrift/antique store SUPER cheap! I painted them and now they are good to go! I used the money I saved to buy PBK bedding.
    Ok, I gave you more than my two cents! Hope that helped!!

  5. WAIT! That's not the dresser I was talking about!
    This is:
    and it has the matching mirror!
    And it is real wood! (well, more real wood than most Ikea stuff!)

    Sorry for the mix up!

  6. ok i think the crib could totally be boyish too- i know it white and has curves and stuff but there are no twills or flourishes. if you put some blue or green bedding in there i think you could make it look baby-ish and boyish. (by the way, i love that we are all CERTAIN baby #2 is a boy) ;) Plus, I'm in love with the idea of that pink tufted headboard for emmy! and LOVE that wall monogram in that one pic! so cute!


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