Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Valentine Surprise!

This week has been extremely busy.  I haven't had to work in three weeks, but somehow my times gets filled pretty quickly with to do lists and dropping whatever I'm doing to talk to Caleb when he calls (we never really know when during the day it will be).  Lately I've been planning two baby showers and a bridal shower, giving Dixie meds for an inflamed cervical vertebrae twice a day, and trying to find the time to train for my first race (yes, I signed up for a 5K - my first... don't laugh).

Then everything stopped when I got the best news ever - Caleb is coming home on leave in two weeks!!!!

After he told me over the phone I didn't say anything because I was in shock.  I think I still am.  I'm actually going to see my husband?!?!?!?

I am over the moon excited!  We plan on just hanging out as a family.  Playing at the park, going to the zoo, having family dinners, watching The Office, date nights, and lots and lots of Emmy tickling.  I can hardly wait!


  1. My heart is so happy for you guys!!!

  2. So thrilled for you!! And so thrilled for Emmy! Ok and for Caleb! : )

  3. tried commenting on this post the day you wrote it but my computer wouldnt let me.....anyway, i was going to say that i knew you were going to write about this!!! makes me so happy! maybe we can sneak in some shopping next weekend :) i'll call you this weekend!


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