Saturday, January 7, 2012

Emmy Love

This post is all about Emmalyn.  

She has been busy lately growing up!  

On New Years Eve a group of us ate at Carolina Wings before heading home to play games until midnight.  She ate like a champ that evening.  She even had her first chicken wing.  

I think she liked it!

A few days ago Emmy and I were playing outside and I thought she looked a lot like a little girl than a baby (it finally hit me) so of course I had to grab my camera and take some shots for Daddy.

Then yesterday we visited the zoo with the Butt cousins (that's their last name) and Ellasyn.  Emmy and I had not been to the zoo in a while, but I think she likes it more and more the older she gets.  

Before we left, I got up the courage to try to "fix" her hair.  I usually just pick a bow out that matches her outfit, but wanted to see if she would tolerate pigtails.  She did such a good job while I combed and combed her extremely thin hair.  She is much like me in the fact that she has a sensitive head, so I had to be gentle and the part isn't anywhere near being straight, but she's still so adorable!

She's growing so fast, but she's still my little baby!

I love her so much!  It really does break my heart that Caleb isn't around to see this, especially when she climbs on the couch beside me to cuddle as she did numerous times today.  

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