Monday, January 30, 2012

Showering Hilt's Mom

This weekend I (along with three awesome girls) threw my best friend, Katie Beth, her first baby shower.  We had the best time together making it all come together - minus the lack of sleep that I got from having a sick baby at home : (

 KB had to come to her shower early to make the puff balls!  She was a good sport about because she is so good at them!

Here, Crissy is working hard on finishing up the cake topper.

When you have no paint brush available, a true crafter improvises - with the butt of a tack!

The amazing cake made by a friend and the finished cake topper.  It really annoyed me that the blues didn't match, but I didn't have time to worry about it at this point.

Some of the set up

The guest of honor...

Classic KB face!

My mom with a sick Emmy.  She has a horrible runny nose that caused her to no be able to breathe, therefore not sleep.  She didn't have a fever though, so I'm hoping it is just the change in weather or a mild cold.  

Opening presents

Emmy had to have a front row seat

KB's nephew, Owen, with her longtime friend, Erin.

Our friend Kari, made an amazing quilt for Hilton

Emmalyn helping some more

KB's sister and me with her.  Owen really wanted to be in all the pics!

Mother and daughters


All the girls who helped me pull this shower off with KB. 

The parents are well on their way to getting everything ready for Hilton's arrival and I feel so blessed to be involved in his life and see my best friend during such an exciting time in her life!

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  1. such a fun weekend! the shower turned out amazing!


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