Thursday, August 19, 2010

life Lately

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a lot of time to blog or take pictures for that matter.  I had a friend in the hospital for 3 days so I spent  a lot of time with her during the day.  I also started back to work in the nursery and started booking a LOT of photo sessions that I'm really excited about!  Mine and Emmalyn's trip up north is also coming up and since I have never flown I'm getting a bit apprehensive and trying to have all my T's crossed and I's dotted.

Since I'll be away for almost a week, yet again, I try to leave the house as put together as possible for the hubby.  I'll put a few pieces of marinating chicken in the fridge for him to make himself quick dinners, have the food well stocked for easy access, and have as much of the clothes washed and put away so hopefully he won't have to do laundry while I'm away.  However, with a baby around all of my daily chores end up taking twice as long and I'm double exhausted!  Every mom knows what I'm talking about and I don't mean to complain, this is just a fact of life.

I'm also in the process of trying to organize each room in our house one by one for our most frequent purposes.  I feel like this will make the move back to SC easier so I won't have a bunch of stuff that I'll never use that I'm taking back with us.  This is taking up a lot of my time and brain power as well.  I'm mostly getting rid of the cheap home decor that we got when we were first married and dirt poor and organizing things like cards received for various holidays/milestones, pictures, old books, my craft supplies, the clothes that I can't fit into yet but hope to a some point, all of the clothes I've been given for Emmalyn that she won't be able to wear for months to come, and recipes among many other things.

Speaking of not fitting into clothes yet, and since I have not been blessed with the "Wow!  You really just had a kid?!" body like some moms who have had children in the past 5 months have (you know who you are and you are currently getting "evil eyes" from me : ), I've started a workout routine.  Since I was little I was also in a dance class and I loved it.  Granted, I was never the best dancer nor the most graceful, but it was a great workout that I didn't have to think about because I loved it so much.  Then, adult life started and the dancing stopped, but my diet stayed the same so I gained a little weight.  Then, my husband left for months at a time and my diet consisted of cereal or soup for all meals, so the weight went back off.  Then, came pregnancy and since having Emmalyn my body has not been the same nor has it acted the same to working out.  I finally realized that I needed to get off my butt in order to get back to somewhat of my pre pregnancy body.  Well, I'm walking with Emmalyn and/or doing weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and on Tuesday, Thursday a friend of mine teaches a yoga class for a few of us military wives - and I'm LOVING it!  I've never done yoga until about 3 weeks ago and I can already notice that I'm getting stronger.  It's great and makes me feel wonderful!  Thank you Erica!!

Well, I know this post is a bit boring, but it was good for me to write about what's going on lately.  We have so much coming up in the next few weeks so there will be plenty of pictures to share.

Kayla : )


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  2. Girl, you're doing good! I think Jeff would fall over if he came home to chicken marinating in the fridge and all his clothes washed and dryed. He would think he walked into the twilight zone!! :)

  3. Where are you girls going when you go 'up north'?

    Such a good wife!

  4. Brooke, we are going to Minnesota to see my aunt and grandmother.

    Liz, girl, I barely work so I feel like with all the time I have I should at least make life easy on Caleb who brings in the majority of the income. You work so hard. I can understand that you would just want to spend time with Ellasyn when you are home.


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