Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have a lot of catching up to do on blogging, but it's good because it means we've been busy.  We are going back to last week when we had a game night at the Skelly's house.  We played Scene It, which everyone not on Brandon's team hated because the boy knows the answer to every question!  So, then we pulled out Hoopla.  We has so much fun!

While we played, Emmalyn chilled out with Aunt Sarah...One of the many Aunt Sarah's that she has.

And here is my handsome husband about to wow us with his artistic abilities while playing hoopla.

Caleb hiding behind the board while Jo tries her hand at drawing.

And, just because I think my daughter is adorable, I'm posting a few pics of her as well.  Here, she fell asleep while I was cleaning.

One morning when she was especially awake and happy.

And in her swing.  KatieBeth thought this picture was so funny so I decided to add it to the post.  No, KB, that is not a unibrow, it is just her forehead - that she gets from her daddy.
More updates to come!

Kayla : )


  1. bahahahaha! dont worry Emmi- Aunt KB can wax that for ya when you grow up :) I was so excited to see my BFF and my new little baby! Glad yall made it home safely!

  2. im in love with the sleeping pic! so glad i got to see this girl in person! miss you guys already.


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